Q: Will I need to travel to a studio for music lessons?

Scherzando Music brings piano lessons to your door! We travel around the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Areas serviced include Balwyn, Blackburn, Box Hill, Canterbury, Doncaster, Forest Hill, Mount Waverley, Mitcham, Mont Albert, Nunawading, Surrey Hills and Vermont.

Q: Do I need to have a piano at home?

Yes, you do! As Scherzando Music travels to you, it is a requirement that you have your own piano at home. Also, having a piano at home allows you to practise and progress faster in your lessons. For any enquiries surrounding purchase of your very first piano, please contact Joan at 0403 518 811 or email us atjoan@scherzando.com.au so we can give you some pointers!

Q: How long do lessons usually go for?

Session times vary depending on our students’ ages and levels of learning. Generally, younger beginners start off with 30 minute lessons per week, which may be increased to 45 minutes if they are keen to do so. Please visit the Pricing Page for details on pricing.

Q: My child does not seem interested – should we keep trying with lessons?

Absolutely! All children respond differently to teachers and lessons. Some take longer than others to “warm up” to their teachers. We continually assess the progress of your child each time we step in for their lesson. As a general rule, it takes roughly 3 months to really get to know your child, and for your child to form an opinion of their teacher! If there is an instance where a child is not responding positively to any modifications in approach, and is absolutely uninterested in learning piano, we will make sure that is communicated openly with you.

Q: What are the expectations on practice/homework?

We understand that children these days are busy little people! However, consistent practice is key to any musician’s progress. We encourage goal-oriented practice, not time-oriented practice. Details on the differences between the two can be found in our previous blog post: